Pre-service Teachers’ Lived Experiences with Foreign Language Online Learning


  • Elmer Irene Samar State University


Bahasa Indonesia, curriculum, internationalization, online learning, pre-service teachers


Learning a foreign language gives one the advantage to compete and succeed in this increasingly interconnected and global economy.  The aim of this study was to explore how Filipino students learn Bahasa Indonesia through an online platform.  A qualitative phenomenological approach was used in which semi-structured interviews and observation were conducted with 15 pre-service teachers majoring in English and Social Studies at a State University in Samar, Philippines.  The paper draws on the participants ’experiences and reflections as they were learning the Indonesian language and culture through an online program conducted by one University in Indonesia.  The results identified relevant themes in learning a foreign language such as positive and negative experiences, their own definition of online learning, the attitude towards the platform used, cultural appreciation, confidence and interest in the course, as well as learning barriers.  The findings of the study gave insights to curriculum planners wherein introducing a foreign language in the curriculum can pave the way for internationalization. This study highlights the strategy of universities in developing quality resources and in strengthening internationalization initiatives.






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