Artifical Intelligence as the Reason and the Solution of Digital Divide


  • Velibor Božić General hospital Koprivnica


Artifical Intelligence, Digital Divide, Motivation, Responsibility


The potential of Artifical Inteligence (AI) to decrease the digital divide is significant. AI has the ability to improve access to information, enable personalized learning, promote digital inclusion, create job opportunities, address social equity issues, and optimize digital infrastructure. However, it is crucial to ensure that AI is developed and deployed responsibly, ethically, and inclusively, with a focus on promoting equitable access to AI technologies and their benefits for all communities, including those that are currently underserved. The topic of the paper is the digital divide (DD) and the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in reducing the digital gap. The introduction discusses what the DD is and the role of AI in it. After that, the role of AI in reducing the DD is discussed and the prerequisites for the successful use of AI in reducing the DD. The problem of the elderly population is particularly emphasized in the context of digital literacy and the DD. It talks about ways to motivate the older population to use digital devices. Furthermore, it talks about applying theoretical concepts in practice as well as motivating people to apply AI in everyday life. Studies that have been carried out related to the application of AI in reducing the DD are cited, as well as examples of good practice. Finally, examples of applications for reducing the DD are given as well as future steps for reducing the DD with the help of AI.






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