Flipgrid: A Scaffold to Enhance Speaking Skills


  • Ruby Vurdien White Rose Language School


Flipgrid, an online learning platform, has the necessary features that can enable students to record their views on videos to create discussion topics under teachers’ guidance. It acts as a scaffold, as students can prepare their thoughts prior to their engagement with their peers in classroom debates. Their language production is enhanced due to their having checked the grammatical and lexical structures, and exchange of ideas is more fluent.  Flipgrid has been a useful tool during the pandemic since students have been afforded the opportunity to practise their speaking skills remotely. This research study examined the use of Flipgrid as a learning tool to enhance students’ speaking skills. Using teaching discussion prompts, the participants composed their responses which they recorded on videos that they posted on the Flipgrid platform on a bi-weekly basis, followed by pair and small group discussions in the classroom. The aim of the study was to explore (a) the students’ perceptions of enhancing their speaking skills, by recording their videos on the Flipgrid platform prior to classroom interaction, and (b) how Flipgrid can benefit students in improving their speaking skills. Data were gathered from two questionnaires, interviews, pre- and post- tests and the students’ recorded videos. The findings showed that the participants’ overview of their learning experience was positive as they felt more confident to express their views. Flipgrid was deemed a convenient tool since it is user-friendly and permits students to interact with each other.







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