Homework in EFL Classes: Lithuanian University Students’ Perceptions and Opinions


  • Aurelija Daukšaitė-Kolpakovienė Vytautas Magnus University


EFL, homework, university students, students’ perceptions and opinions


Homework in the EFL context has not received much attention, especially when it is assigned to adult learners in higher education. Therefore, this article will attempt to fill in the knowledge gap in the field or at least provide insight into the topic from the point of view of Lithuanian university students studying English as a foreign language. It aimed to investigate students’ opinions on their homework assignments by addressing two research questions: 1) how do Lithuanian university EFL students perceive their homework assignments? 2) what kind of homework assignments do Lithuanian university EFL students see as (not) beneficial? The data were collected through an anonymous online questionnaire consisting of open-ended and closed-ended questions. The findings reveal that Lithuanian university EFL students perceive their homework assignments as beneficial, but they are not always interesting. The most useful assignments are the ones that are related to grammar. Yet, as the students pointed out, EFL homework in general should help them revise the studied materials and in addition to various language competences and skills involve the practice of other 21st century skills.






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