Perspectives and Experiences of EFL Preparatory Class Students on Online Formative Task-Based Assessment of Speaking Skills


  • Sedat Korkmaz Bursa Uludag University, School of Foreign Languages


Task-based assessment, language assessment, formative assessment, speaking assessment, online speaking assessment


The unforeseen Covid-19 outbreak prompted a dramatic shift to online teaching and assessment, pushing teachers to employ a variety of unconventional teaching strategies and assessment techniques. The aim of this study was to examine the perceptions and experiences of Turkish EFL learners regarding the online formative task-based speech assessment (OFTBSA) practice in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Qualitative case study design was used to achieve the purpose of the research. The main data collection tool was an open-ended questionnaire consisting of three questions created in line with the research questions of the study. In addition, an online focus group interview was conducted with 15 students. The results revealed that students were generally satisfied with the online implementation of the speaking exams, but poor internet connection was one of the biggest obstacles affecting their performance. Considering the findings, some conclusions were made about the ways to implement OFTBSA more effectively.






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